Iron Republic Open Gym on Jan. 10th from 10am-1pm!

Whenever I talk to someone about Iron Republic, I usually get asked the same two questions:

“What is a Kettlebell?”  and  “Are you guys like Crossfit?”

A Kettlebell is one of the many fitness tools we use to help people burn a ton of calories, get stronger, increase their cardio, improve their posture, and have fun all at the same time! ! We don’t offer Kettlebell only classes at Iron Republic because we believe in well-rounded fitness routines that are not only physically challenging, but mentally engaging as well! We also use lots of other really cool and effective tools like sandbags, battling ropes, medicine balls, and even your own bodyweight

The other really awesome thing about the types of fitness tools we use at Iron Republic is that each exercise can be tailored to every individual’s current fitness and skill level. So you can be working out along with everyone else, but at whatever level is right for you!

That leads me to the next question I’m always asked, “Are you guys like Crossfit?” In some ways yes, in others, definitely not. Like Crossfit, we believe in a fun, supportive, and community driven atmosphere. The group workouts are planned ahead of time and last no longer than 50 minutes. That means you are in and out of Iron Republic in under an hour (unless you want to stay and chat with other members of the Iron Republic family, which happens often!) and you can leave feeling confident that you got in all the work necessary to work towards your goals.

The main difference between Crossfit and us is that we have a non-competitive environment. What that means is there is no racing a clock or another member. You compete more with yourself then with any other person.

We are definitely there to keep you encouraged, motivated, and safe, but you go at your pace and don’t have to worry rushing through exercises and potentially increasing the risk of injury. Each class is overseen by a highly qualified Coach, which makes sure you’re safe and doing each exercise correctly. We always say that people come to us to feel better, move better, and look better. We have found that these three outcomes are better achieved when someone is not under the stress of competing with another person.

If you’re interested in what we do at Iron Republic and want to learn more, then come by and visit us on Jan 10th between 10 am and 1 pm for our Open Gym! Show up any time between those hours and see the types of equipment we use, meet the coaches, and even try out a short exercise routine if you’d like! We will also have refreshments and special trial offer deals available! Better yet, if you fill out the form below ahead of time to let us know your coming, then we will have an extra special offer just for you!

If you are unable to make it on Saturday the 10th, but still want to take advantage of the special trial offer, then fill out the form below and let us know you won’t be able to attend. We will send the special trial offer to your email!

We look forward to seeing you on January 10th!

Click on this link to see right were we are located -> 1807 Contra Costa Street, Sand City, 93950

*There is no need to pre-register ahead of time for the open house, but doing so will ensure that you receive the special pre-registration trial offer.

Fill out this short online form to pre-register for the Open Gym
and secure your two week trial offer!

Here’s what a few of our awesome members are saying about their training at Iron Republic;
“The training team of Iron Republic are great and they focus on a total body approach to fitness.  I appreciate their commitment to establishing a goal focused program that is individualized and attainable.  Thank you for the motivation and support so that we may all succeed. Mabuhay! (Cheers)”  Arthur Villaneuva
“I can’t thank you all enough for helping me become a healthier, stronger, and happier version of me! 2014 was just the beginning… Can’t wait to see what great things are to come in 2015!”  Heather Ream



author: Iron Seth